How To Keep Up With The World

I discovered a way to keep up with the world and it’s thanks to a guy called Tom Wharton.

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The world was a busy place in 2017. The good, bad and ugly seemed to be on fast forward and I expect 2018 to be no different.

A different type of FOMO

There were many times this year when I wanted the information merry-go-round to stop. I deleted Facebook from my phone in an attempt to slow the pace of information being served at me. It helped but within a week an unexpected type of FOMO (fear of missing out) started to take hold.

I wasn’t worried about missing the endless updates from Facebook friends. And I certainly wasn’t missing the advertising.

The FOMO was connected to wisdom. I was starving for it and reading the news helped but it wasn’t enough.

As I’ve written about before, the best products and services in the world help people in one of two ways. They either move people away from fear or closer to happiness.

It’s called a wrap

Tom helps move me (and people in 199 countries) move away from FOMO by writing a weekly wrap on world affairs.

It explains complex issues.

It elevates issues that I didn’t even know were issues!

Most importantly, it increases my knowledge surface area because it helps me better understand the world. Not so I can be the smartest guy in the room. So I can make better decisions to help raise my daughters, be a better husband and be more useful to those I care about.

Tom is inkl’s staff writer. In 2017 we have become colleagues and friends. And when I think about the things I am grateful for this year, making his acquaintance is certainly at the top of the list.

Here are three of his wraps which changed the game for me in 2017:

The first one…

…the second one

And the third one

Tom’s weekly wrap comes free with inkl. This is how I plan to keep up with the world again in 2018 and I hope it helps you too.

Phil Hayes-St Clair is a serial entrepreneur and SVP, Business Development at inkl. He writes about startup growth each week on his blog and makes the Founder To Founder podcast.

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