Tomorrow will be a very moving day. The national dialogue surrounding the 100 year commemoration of ANZAC has been extraordinary. In many cases it has helped us understand just how deeply the ANZAC spirit lives in Australia’s culture and in our Defence Force. And like most chapters in history that define a national identity there is more to learn, comprehend and act on.

Those that contributed to It’s Time To Reimagine The Modern Veteran added valuable thinking to elevate discussion about Post Traumatic Stress as did my friend and colleague Hugh Riminton in his incredible article about Australian veterans involved in the 1994–95 Rwandan deployment.

Many Australians, I think, want to express their immense gratitude and respect to the brave men and women (and their families) who have represented our nation in various theatres. If like me, you are one of these people, there are three acts you can consciously undertake, starting today.

  1. Thank people, past and present, for their service. Download and print this ‘Thank You For Your Service’ sign, add the names of those you want remembered and post it online (family and work colleague photos welcome. We just did ours!)
  2. Look for tools that can improve the lives of our veterans who have (or are considering) starting the next chapter of their professional career like my colleague Evan Guzman, Head of Military Programs and Veterans Affairs at Verizon. Former Defence Force members have a significant amount to contribute to companies of all sizes
  3. Add a veterans charity to your social mission. Pick a great organisation, ask them what they need, roll up your sleeves and do awesome work!

Tomorrow, on the 100th anniversary of ANZAC, your mission, should you choose to accept, is to remember today’s veterans each and every day.


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