It’s an incredible achievement when an entrepreneur brings a new product to market. Gautam Mishra, a dear friend (and co-founder of AirShr) added this milestone to his track record last week by launching Spotify for news. It’s called inkl.

For lovers of news, inkl is remarkable. Why? Because you pay once (not at multiple paywalls) to have news content sourced from the world’s most respected publishers delivered to your mobile device.

I remember speaking with Gautam when inkl was first conceived, it was around the same time that I raised the spectre of developing AirShr. Since then, he has been in the trenches: working from his garage, building and evolving MVPs, building a team and conducting experiments and proving — to investors and publishers alike — that inkl is very likely to be one of the future states of publishing. And it’s great to see that since launch, inkl has started generating revenue and gained some great media attention (here, here and here).

Sounds sexy right? Well…

Gautam works the 100-hour weeks, sweats the details and has slept on friend’s couches between international flights to pitch again and again (and again!). He also fought on while dealing with the angst and disappointment in the early days when technology fell over and user feedback was confronting. And all this while being a husband, father to two little people and an incredibly generous co-founder.

To those of us who know Gautam, none of this is surprising. For budding entrepreneurs, I suggest you follow inkl’s journey. It’s early days but the inkl team is on their way to doing what great entrepreneurs do — confounding the critics and building a great business.

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