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Communicating Life.

Consider how you share your ideas, your half-formed thoughts. Youre in good company if you wish to structure your thinking to a point of clarity where you believe others will be able to process the idea, it’s context and the steps you’ve taken to evolve it from its origin. That’s a big ask, made more difficult by the effort needed to put all of this into words. Yet, people still reach for a pen and notepad or Post-it note, reach for Notes on their iPhone or look to Evernote or Wunderlist to madly capture their early thinking. And if they don’t, in an instant the idea, no matter how well formed, is gone. That’s life. And moments like this are getting harder to remember.

A half-formed thought can be anything from a reminder to make an appointment to inspiration to build a new product or the need to tell a loved one something important. And in that moment, when context is obvious and the intent to act is clear, the best way to save an idea is to record it using your voice.

It takes a fraction of the effort when compared to writing it down and unlike a written note, if it’s shared, the recipient can detect intent from your tone and the message itself, particularly if it’s introduced as a half-formed thought (like so many new ideas are at AirShr).

This bring me to a request. We’re working on an interesting product to help people remember life more easily. Answering one question would be a great help, so if you can spare 10 seconds just press the link below. Thanks in advance.

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