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Building A Powerful News Service From Scratch: Five Questions With Gautam Mishra (Founder of Inkl)

Blazing a trail to give digital reach to news publishers and balanced perspectives to readers around the world.

So you went to college in the US and then did an MBA at Wharton as part of a career in management consulting before moving into media. Where did the appetite for entrepreneurship start for you?

It’s no secret that I’m one of inkl’s biggest fans. You’ve created a marketplace for news publishers to present readers with compelling content everyday. What’s your vision for inkl?

Many won’t realise that you’re also an AirShr co-founder and that you were helping to build our product at the same time as building the first version of inkl. Both ventures focus on supporting traditional media. How has working on these two big ideas helped you think about building and shipping product?

We both have busy home lives with young kids and professional wives. We’ve spoken about the best ways for us, as founders, to be as mindful and physically fit and healthy as possible. It’s not easy but what have you found to be the most effective techniques to integrate work and home life?

You meet with a soon-to-be, first-time founder and over coffee she asks “If I had to develop three habits to be a successful founder, what are they?” what would you say?

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