A love affair with Medium

That’s only part of the story

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I have loved Medium from birth.

It has helped people congregate around timeless stories and essential ideas, and I hope that remains the case for generations.

Some of my company-building lessons have been accepted by The Startup, Better Marketing and HackerNoon but the truth is not every post makes it here.

I create content to help entrepreneurs and more specifically, founders who are parents.

So if that’s you, and advice to help build your business and love your family is of interest, visit me at philhsc.com and subscribe to my weekly newsletter.


My commitment to you?

No Hype. Weekly content designed to make a difference. Always free.

Hope you join our community. Apparently it’s pretty good.


Phil Hayes-St Clair

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I write about what I see building companies. Currently growing dropbio.com

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