6 Resources For Insight Hungry Entrepreneurs

This is the first of two posts about a question I often get asked. What resources do I use for daily inspiration? That’s the first part of the question. The second part relates to tools we use at AirShr and other ventures.

In terms of resources, I have six that I use religiously, they’re part of my daily routine. I use them because they deliver high quality insight and make me a better and more productive leader and entrepreneur. Here they are:

1. LinkedIn

I use LinkedIn for news and relationship management….and business development, hiring, due diligence, publishing and helping colleagues grow their professional networks. If there is one social network to invest in and achieve ninja status, this is the one.

2. Hunter Walk @ Homebrew

Hunter provides the most practical insight on the web about entrepreneurship. Period.

Hunter’s stock went up a couple of points when I took him up on his public commitment that he would (as a busy VC) respond to my email. Not only did Hunter respond, he also provided valuable feedback on AirShr when it was pre-seed. Hunter’s insight (generally) has saved me from making a number of mistakes as an entrepreneur and for that reason I can’t remember the last time I didn’t read one of his posts when I first heard about it. Disclosure: AirShr is not pursuing funding from Homebrew.

3. Fred Wilson @ Union Square Ventures

“There’s something happening, at least I’m noticing it. And I’m paid to be a noticer.” Fred has been a VC since 1986 and publishes refreshing observations on an almost daily basis. He has influenced my thinking on a number of venture-related topics in recent years.

4. inkl

With inkl you pay once (not at multiple paywalls) to have news content sourced from the world’s most respected publishers delivered to your mobile device. They launched recently and continue to add more high quality publishers. inkl is the first app tile on my iPhone to get attention each morning and I wrote about it recently (Disclosure: inkl was founded by my good friend Gautam Mishra)

5. Dan Primack’s Term Sheet

I don’t know how Primack does it but each business day I receive a comprehensive commentary of venture capital and private equity deals being done around the world. Does this help early stage ventures? Not really but you won’t be early stage for long and it pays to know the trends that may affect your future decisions.

6. TechCrunch

One question: Are you involved in technology? If you answered YES and the term TechCrunch is new to you, you’re in trouble.

By the way, ‘tools’ (like Trello, Google Drive, Keynote, Skype, Pixate, Proto.io, Slack or oDesk, all of which are awesome and of course there are others) aren’t resources, they’re tools. More on tools shortly.

What are your daily resources?

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I write about what I see building companies. Currently growing dropbio.com

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