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4 Big Ideas Made All The Difference This Year

My picks for best post, video, podcast and book of 2016

2016 has been an intensely rewarding year. This is due in large part to a personal commitment I vowed to continue from January 2015: To engage with new content sources to expand my wisdom about compassionate leadership and building valuable companies.

1. The Idea Of Radical Candour

This is my choice for ‘Best Post’. It provides an incredibly effective framework for respectful and open dialogue between colleagues and team mates. It’s little wonder why this post went viral.

2. The Idea Of Hustling

I love the hustle. Connecting people around a shared vision and then executing is, well…there’s nothing like it!

Gary Vaynerchuk nails it

3. The Idea Of Partnership

What’s Love Got To Do With It? via Jerry Colonna and the Reboot team is my choice for ‘Best Podcast’. Learning from elders is a must do and in this conversation the importance of trust and how to get on the same side of an issue (be it investors and founders or the founding team as a unit) is talked about in detail. There is no textbook here, it’s all experience.

4. The Idea Of Happiness

I promised myself I would read a book when I heard Jeff Weiner first talk about it years ago. I unplugged on vacation recently and started reading only to find this on page 8:

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