3 Habits Of Successful Founders

I cannot tell you the number of times that I forgot I was hosting my podcast when speaking to world-class entrepreneurs. That’s because listening to their stories, generous spirit and lessons they readily share is intoxicating.

This week is no different.

As you might have noticed, each episode closes with the same question: What three habits do founders need to develop to be successful? In episode 13, pay close attention to what Sid Minassian has to say from the 35:12 mark. Likewise, hone in on Melissa Rosenthal’s point of view from 20:55. Enjoy!

By the way, for the Founder To Founder Podcast.

🎧 Episodes 13 & 14

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Sid Minassian on resilience, owning and accepting outcomes and why it’s always all about people.

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Melissa Rosenthal on identifying the right mentor, the power of reflection and much more

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